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My first book, Take Charge for Major Success: A Guide to Living Your Best Life, is a  motivational piece that encourages you to recreate yourself by abandoning the negative behaviors that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

These pages will introduce you to the idea of conscious living and encourage you to pay close attention to the things in your life that make you incredibly happy—and those that you want to change.

I’ve gotten rave reviews for this book and invite you to read it and reach out to me to discuss the ideas that I hope will help you transform your life.


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Very professional and an absolute honor to have her speak.  She had my attention the whole time.  ~ Terri McBride, LexisNexis
Extremely embracing and engaging.  Effectively got and kept our attention with meaningful words.  ~ Simone McKenzie, LexisNexis
She is very engaging and incorporates activities between the presentation to keep the concentration  of the audiences.  ~ Uma, LexisNexis
“Appreciate Dr. Yvonne for teaching us at both campuses that you don’t have to take life the way it comes to you! By converting your dreams into goals and your goals into plans, you can design your life to come to you the way you wanted. You can live your life on purpose, instead of by chance,” – Michael W. Murphy, Ph.D.
“Your presentation at our annual secretarial seminar was a great success!” – Diane Donk
“Where did you find such a dynamic person? Dr. Yvonne helped to make the seminar the most successful yet. Her approach was pleasantly unique, her presentation was informative, thought-provoking, and just plain enjoyable,” – Willie Brandon
“On behalf of the Women’s Ministry and the entire church, we would like to thank you for that most inspiring and powerful message you delivered on Women’s Day. Having you as our speaker made our annual day a success!” – Dr. James L. Netters
“Kept my interest up. Good use of life situations to illustrate points. Dr. Yvonne was very good—I’d like to have her come to our staff development events.” – Don C.
I felt positive about myself when I left. That was because of the trainer,” – Annie Isabel
Interesting topic, current information, very helpful!” – Attendees at the National Association of Social Workers event
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Dr. Yvonne Corppetts

8x10_1147734648_img_5426_Dr Yvonne CorppettsDr. Yvonne Corppetts will share with you how she went from being a confused, disoriented and miseducated; not understanding who she was, like the chameleon changing to be like everyone else or those she admired when the true secret was being herself, her best self, living with confidence, power, prosperity, and sense of purpose.

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